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Afterbeat Drum Lessons Colorado


All ages and skill levels accepted!

Rock, pop, funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, Latin, Afro-Cuban, West African, Salsa, blues, alternative, Brazilian, reggae, drum-n-bass, swing, Mambo, jungle, techno, polka, Dixieland, waltz, shuffle, country, folk, ska, dance hall, New Orleans, samba, ragtime, heavy metal, house, break beat, cha cha, bebop, Motown, experimental, acid jazz, etc.


  • Stick Control  
  • Sight Reading  
  • Coordination 
  • Rudiments 
  • Phrasing 
  • Improvisation 
  • Dynamics 
  • Brushes
  • Drumset independence
  • Playing with click tracks
  • Linear Beats
  • Hand Drums
  • Recording
  • Groove playing

Lessons are taught at the Afterbeat Drum School in downtown Louisville, Colorado, at 917 Front Street, next to The Art Underground.


Half-hour and one-hour lessons available on a weekly basis. $30 per half hour and $60 per hour.

Students pay by the month. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For cancellations, please provide 24-hour notice. Cancellations without 24-hour notice will be charged for the lesson. The reason for this is that we often have a waiting list for makeups or new students and we want to accommodate them any time we have an opening. Thank you for your understanding! Of course, illness and emergencies are exceptions to this policy.

Visa and Mastercard accepted. We now accept credit/debit card payments with Square. Just swipe your card at the first lesson of the month. You can also pay on the Contact page of this website via PayPal.




  • Four full drum kits – Mapex (2), Gretsch, and Pacific
  • Three sets of Congas
  • Two sets of Timbales
  • Djembes
  • Bongos
  • Talking drum
  • Various percussion instruments
  • Pro Audio computer recording and video capabilities
  • Drum machine
  • And more...



"Chris’s experience, musicianship and patience are the key qualities of a well-rounded teacher."

- Dave Williard, Professional piano teacher/musician

"I've known Chris Beers for many years and have gigged with him in all kinds of settings: rock, blues, jazz, country, ragtime and more. He's a solid timekeeper with a great natural groove and his playing is not only rhythmically interesting, but musical in its own right. I've called him for my own gigs, played with him in bands where we were both sidemen, and passed along his name for gigs I wasn't even on. I'd recommend him to anyone."

– Chris Soucy, touring musician/guitar player for Sally Taylor

"A pro to work with. Creative, musical and proficient."

– John Ellis, Owner/engineer, Prism Sound Studios

"A solid drummer and all-around professional musician. Stellar work."

– Sonny Mone, former guitarist/singer for Crazy Horse (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

"Innovative ideas and techniques that really helped my independence and musicality."

– Matt Vorzimer, former student now studying at the New School of Jazz in NYC

"I always look forward to my lessons! I am learning a lot and having fun, too."

– Colton Yourell, 9 year old student

"A drummer/percussionist who plays for the groove!"

– Brian Hull, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Meadowlark Jivin’

"Loves kids, drums and teaching rhythm."

– Andrea Dalberth, K-5 music teacher at the Bixby School

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Louisville Colorado Drum School

Afterbeat Drum School
917 Front Street
Louisville, CO 80027


Louisville Colorado Drum School

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